Stay The Night


    Magnus pulled his shoulders up just a bit, the smile on his face growing wider. "You are cute when you are in an emotional crisis," he said truthfully, hoping Alec wouldn’t take it the wrong way. Alexander was always endearing, in every situation, position and state Magnus had seen him in so far - but it was probably a little creepy to say that to someone. Someone you had seen at the edge of death. Admittedly, that was probably the one state Magnus had witnessed Alec in that didn’t quite match the label cute. Of course Magnus could only guess what was going on behind that pretty head, but he assumed that it had something to do with Alec’s perception of his own lack of nonchalance. If Magnus had been able to read his guest’s thoughts right now, he would have told him that he preferred Alec over Jace anyday. Besides, he had enough nonchalance for both of them.

    While he was still walking it struck Magnus that he might actually be giving the wrong idea to Alec by heading straight for the bedroom. He could think of quite a number of pleasant things one could do in there that didn’t involve taking clothes off, and he wanted to show at least one or two of them to Alec before they attended to other things. If it even got to that.


    "Maybe it’s my life experience, or maybe the fact that you said nobody but your sister knows you are gay, but somehow that doesn’t come as a surprise to me," Magnus gave back with an amused look over his shoulder. "I believe there is a first time for everything, but of course it doesn’t have to be tonight," he added as he realized he may have sounded a little pushy. Of course there had been a chance that Alec had slept with a girl before, but it hadn’t seemed very likely.

    Kissing Alec was soothing and exciting at the same time. Magnus had always had a different perception of time - probably due to his immortality - but when he was this close to the shadowhunter, the world just seemed to stop around him. He could have kissed him from now until the end of time if only they were allowed to.

    Breaking away Magnus draw a deep breath and looked at Alec, his yellow eyes shimmering in the light of the dozen or so candles illuminating the room. "Would you like something to drink? Tea? Kahlúa?" Magnus had discovered his love for this fine beverage on his last visit to Mexico City. It was the perfect combination between stimulating and intoxicating - of course the taste was a little extravagant.

   Magnus let go of Alec and walked over to sit on his bed. It was soft - but not too soft (he had spent quite some time and effort finding the perfect mattress) - and big enough to accommodate at least four people. Not that Magnus had ever actually tried lying with four people in there.

    "Like what you see?" The warlock asked as he noticed Alec throwing curious looks at his surroundings.

I am not -” Alec stopped as abruptly as he had started talking. Crisis was a harsh word and he wanted to protest against it, but there was undeniably truth to it. It felt like a crisis of sorts. Not the usual kind he was confronted with while hunting for or dealing with demons, but stressful on a whole different level.
What did nothing to make him want to protest was being called cute. Nothing but the fact that he had never seen himself as such and still couldn’t. “You think I’m cute?” he asked, honest irritation in his voice.
When Jace had told him Magnus had been disappointed to see him instead of Alec, it had been easy to doubt Jace was right. Nobody was ever disappointed about Jace not being him. Nobody but Magnus, obviously, and Alec had to admit, part of his attempts to render both Jace and Isabelle silent in their efforts to make him believe Magnus was interesting in him, was objecting against better knowledge and out of nervousness.

“And Clary,” Alec corrected, although he knew he’d said it before. It was scary how easy she obviously had figured it out, but he supposed he and Isabelle had helped her confirm her suspicions enough. Unwillingly. “I know you’re not hiding your experience, but I could have had some… hidden experience,” Alec said, his voice giving away the uncertainty he was feeling.
A frown on his face, he looked back at Magnus. The idea of the warlock and his vast life experience was nothing Alec wanted to get into, especially not now, but he wondered just how old the warlock might be. Always carrying himself with an easy, natural confidence, that seemed to only come from having had enough time to figure yourself out properly, he could easily seem older than he actually was. But warlocks were immortal beings and as such not easy to put into categories mortals used.
Alec wanted that for himself. The confidence and the ease about himself that Magnus had. He wanted to find his place and be himself, but at the same time, felt like that could never happen either. Getting to know Magnus, though, had felt like a step towards that, had made him a little more confident about himself already, even though he wasn’t any more honest with most people yet.

“I believe there isn’t if you don’t want it to be,” Alec gave back. As much as it sounded like something he had learned by heart and was just reciting, it was his own honest opinion. That there was a first time for everything was just a saying, some meaningless words the mundanes were fond of, mainly because it could function as a great excuse for doing almost anything.
Alec didn’t like to make excuses for bad decisions.
There wasn’t a first time to everything. Just very few things were inevitable and necessary. Like dying. One might have said killing demons was inevitable for a shadowhunter and yet here he stood, with a track record of exactly zero killed demons; if he didn’t count the times he had assisted others or kept them from harm, fighting at their sides.
Alec was confused to what purpose they were heading for the bedroom immediately if Magnus hadn’t wanted to tell him he did, in fact, wanted to do things you did in the bedroom. “I’m confused. I thought you were saying that.”
Alec wasn’t objecting, but taking it slow seemed like a good idea for him as well. The best idea was probably not to plan it at all but not having a plan was what made Alec uncomfortable.

He was used to seeing downworlders, but with warlocks it was always special, not two of them burdened with the same details to render their demonic descent visible to everyone who had the Sight. Magnus’s eyes were the first thing Alec found exceptional, even beautiful to look at. There had been other things that had been fascinating to him, but always in a way that was part discomfort. Alec never looked too long at those things that stood out with warlocks, as he had been told it was rude to stare. Usually.
He wanted to stare now, but remembering that it, in fact, probably was still rude, he looked away from the two yellow orbs that made the warlock’s eyes.

“What is Kahúa?” Alec just kept standing where he was while Magnus walked over to the bed. “I haven’t looked around last time I was here. And it was darker then.” He didn’t know what the warlock expected him to do and he didn’t know yet what he wanted to do either, so he looked through the room, which was brightly lit. “It’s – I don’t know. Interesting. Very you.”
Even the most mundane things, it seemed, had something special Magnus put upon them. A touch of an unusual color, a shimmer that shouldn’t be there, a combination that other people wouldn’t likely think of or the faint hint of magic – something that was almost as unusual to Alec as it was to mundanes.

Facilis descensus averno. The descent into hell is easy.


I don’t need a reason, Alec. I’m your sister, I’m allowed to be angry at you. 

I didn’t say you’re not allowed to, I said it would be nice if you had a reason. I really don’t you, sometimes.


Fine, I’ ll stop arguing with you, that’s senseless. 

I didn’t know we were arguing… What? Why are you angry at me?


Being rude is one of my special strengths. And you know what I mean.

"That’s nothing you should be so proud of.
      No, Izzy, I really don’t. I think.”

Come on, Alec…

"I’m not even sure what you’re asking of me. It’s rude to objectify people."

#hot warlock

Izzy, don’t.